Creative Technology, Installation

A puzzle game using a limited amount of magnetic pipes to make a continuous connection from different designated points on a wall and on the floor. The user will need to think three-dimensionally and consider height, distance, weight, and resources required to solve the puzzle.

By passing a small amount of electricity through each pipe, we are successfully able to have a computer detect when puzzles are completed. Each level gets progressively more difficult by increasing distances from the two points. Levels are selected by using an SMS connection from a website that is communicating to the Arduino. This website can be displayed on any device that is available for the exhibitor. Feedback lights and sounds are incorporated into the game with ideal light animations.

Team Members:
Joshua Blair, Johanna Suarez-Koval, Jenn Lee, Aby Iberkleid, Meshal Almayzed

Best in Innovation at Entelechy 2019
Exhibited at Entelechy 2019, Savannah, GA