Elusive Reality

Identity Design, Environmental Graphics

Elusive Reality is a science and technology exhibition on Quantum Theory for the SCAD Museum of Art. The objective for this identity program was to foster intellectual discussion on a complex phenomenon that is hard to grasp for people who are outside this scientific field. The exhibition needs an identity, environmental graphics, narrative literature, and a package for a gift in the museum store that can approach people of all ages.

This project was produced through extensive research into Quantum Theory and finding ways to approach complex theories through imagery and a tangible identity.Five adjectives were discovered during research; Strange, Organic, Harmonic, Experiential, and Movement; as guides throughout development. Manipulating type by digital and physical means aided in the creation of the logotype and its application to third-dimensional spaces and objects such as the walls of the museum and the package design. This identity was completed within a nine-week deadline.